Nyanya General hospital Outreach

Nyanya General hospital Outreach,held on the 2nd of April, 2019  












Knowing what it looks like in postnatal wards of our various hospitals and recalling the conditions of some of those women and children, WHATSUP WITH WOMEN has not made a wrong choice in reaching out to Nyanya General Hospital.

Oftentimes people especially women, even when it’s not always convenient go out of their way to provide for those in that condition. This is not because they have too much but because they feel the pain of their fellow women.

Project Give To your Fellow Women is around the corner and we have just few things to show for it. Let’s put smiles on their faces. Remember Charity work penetrates deep into God’s heart. So when you participate in this, know that your prayers have been answered.

They say that when we spend our time and effort for outreach programs, we bless the beneficiaries. What they don’t explain is this intense feeling of pure joy you get when you see the people you serve give you genuine smiles of gratitude. It’s an amazing experience. One that never gets old and never expires. It’s wonderful. Now imagine those beneficiaries… being fellow women. It’s absolutely heart-melting.

To our ever generous supporters, especially our repeat supporters, you are God’s gift to these women. May you never get tired of giving as you receive even more blessings from the One above.
To our awesome volunteers! Thank you for spending your most precious commodity with the women… your time. You are angels sent to bless them! To my beloved WWWi Family as a whole…… I’m so proud of you! We did it! Our first outreach as a family. (Waaaah! Teary-eyed while typing this. HAHAHA!) I love you all! This is just proof that together we can achieve so many great things! Let’s create more smiles!

Lastly, I would like to appreciate those women for being women and strong ones at that. I know they won’t get to read this. But you will. I have to let you know how truly blessed we are serving them.
For those that couldn’t participate cos of one reason or the other please join us another time, words can’t describe how we felt doing this. I have to let you know… that you can make a difference in someone else’s life with a token. Be a blessing to others… and watch your life be blessed beyond words.
God be with you!


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